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and Generate more Sales...

Low cost product designer

Low-cost product designers for your customers

With our ground breaking ‘easy touch’ interface and our realistic visualisation, it’s the designer app that does exactly what your business needs without all the fuss.


Who is it for?

The designer app has been created for one key purpose… to get you more sales. Everything is designed to make it a pleasure for the customer to design their own product and order from you. Simply install on your site (even simple for a non-techy) and in minute you can allow your customers to create their dream bifold door or window. Need more? want to take payment online… let us know and you can do that as well. Everything you need to make sales is built into the Designer App.

What does it do?

The Designer App makes the sale for you, if your customer is happy to design online why pay extra for a salesman? Use the Designer in multiple ways, as a simple visualisation tool for your customers, or as a lead generation tool on your site, or even for customers to buy directly online 24/7. Allow your website visitors to create stunning visualisations of their perfect Slide and Swing door or window. The perfect tool to help you grow your business online and serve your customers better.

Looking for a more bespoke solution?

We can tailor a bespoke version of the DesignerApp for your own needs.

Our powerful system allows the creation and visualisation of various home improvement products. If you are interested in using the Designer App for products such as Home Doors or Garage Doors let us know. The current release of the Designer app allows for the creation of Slide and Swing doors and windows only… more to come soon!

Bespoke design apps
Any device

Any Device

The Designer App work with all devices, from mobile phones to tables. Whatever device your customer is on. It works with all browsers from Chrome to Internet Explorer. The upcoming iOS and Android Apps allow customer to download your personalised App and create their door or window.

Your branding

Custom Branding

The Designer app can be personalised to your company branding and colours. Seamlessly integrate the designer into your website to give your customers the best experience.

HD Graphics

HD Graphics

The stunning visuals from the Designer App are created using the latest internet technologies to deliver HD graphics to inspire and wow your customers. Get more orders by inspiring your customers with great looking doors or windows.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Your don’t need to have your IT team install the Designer App. With numerous integration options the designer app can be installed within minutes and all without the the help of IT and as it’s all on the cloud you have no additional website hosting costs, we make sure it’s always secure and up to date.

Ready to get started?

Have a look at our demo setups and see how easy it is. Once you have created your door or window contact us to see how we can get the Designer app added to your website and start getting you more sales.